Posted by Robin Fenwick on Nov 18, 2019

Maintaining Planted area on River Walkway:

Approximately 500 trees were planted by our committee last year.  They have survived winter well but are surrounded by a variety of large weeds.  The good news is that these weeds have a protective function sheltering the young trees from wind and rain.
The not so good news is that some of the weeds are so big that they are now competing for nutrients and sunlight with the saplings.  It is time therefore to clear out the most vigorous of the weeds.
Accordingly two working bees were held.  These were 9th and 16th November at the Riverbank trail, specifically Harcourt-Werry Drive just before the intersection with Taita Drive and follow the gravel trail to the first car park.  The work required a moderate level of strength and fitness.  We wanted to get this work done before Christmas without wishing to conflict for people’s time at the Trailer raffle.

Food Bank:

For unfortunate reasons, the Food bank was unable to carry out their normal Food bank Collection around the streets of our city.  With Christmas fast approaching they still required donations of suitable food, so they organised a 'donations drive' to supermarkets at Petone and in the City Central area.  Chair, Kevin Hessell, asked for our support so on Saturday 16 November we collected donated goods at these supermarkets and transported them to the Food Bank rooms in Dudley Street. 
My thanks to Christine Meredith and Anne Abbott who volunteered their support.