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After no speaker the previous week, we were spoilt with a host of them last Monday! 
Firstly we heard the epic tale of some intrepid trampers surviving the Queen Charlotte Track. Illustrated by superb photography we saw how John Cole, Tony & Jenny Cornelius, Paul & Christine Giles, Jaye Howey and Doug Palmer et al, ably abetted by Jan Palmer and Lynne Cole, survived heroic days of walking up to 27kms, epic climbs of zillions of metres and excellent food, and completed this one of the Great Walks.  Well done people and if you missed them, here is a selection of memorable photos are HERE.
The main talk was by our RYLA candidate, Madeleine Arps, a former student of NaeNae College and currently at V.U.W. studying political communication. She has been a member of Girl Guides for years and is also a Brownie Leader. Madeleine listed her long term goals as becoming Prime Minister and subsequently Governor-General.
She gave the statistics of the course as, "30 passionate people, 16 speakers, five full days and five hours (total) of sleep."  Participants were asked to draw five key lessons from the experience and Madeleine's were:
  • Be prepared to be a follower at times: we can't all be leaders all the time.
  • Acknowledge your limits: at times it's best to be realistic and honest with yourself.
  • Have a win/win mindset - derived from a "Win-as-much-as-you-can" exercise which emphasises co-operation.
  • Improvise rules as you proceed. It is better to make a good choice now rather than a perfect choice later. (Please mail this to Wgton City Councillors -ed.)
  • Radical Kindness. Develop this to make the world a better place.
Madeleine really enjoyed the course - in fact, all the participants did, and still meet on Facebook. She sincerely thanked the club for sponsoring her.  If you missed it, a copy of her vibrant presentation is HERE.
Parting Thought: 
"He aroha whakatō, he aroha puta mai- if kindness is sown, then kindness you shall receive." ~ Nina McMillan

The Power of Positivity

An additional thought:  "I am giving up alcohol for three days this month, February 29, 30 and 31."
Mar 15, 2021
Nuclear NZ
The legal status of this country being 'nuclear-free' conveys a very false impression to New Zealanders. In fact, we were  early adopters of radiation, and had a major influence in uncovering and developing this field of science. New Zealand continues to make beneficial use of nuclear applications in many areas. We live in a radioactive world, not that most are aware of it.
The speaker, Dr Gavin Wallace, has had over 50 years experience in this field, and will bust the myths implied by being 'nuclear-free'. Fear of radiation can, and does, cause unnecessary concern, and irrational decisions to be made. A current example is a failure to consider the nuclear power option to combat global warming.
Mar 22, 2021
Dress for Success
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General Notices:

* Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - 26th & 27 February:  Yes, the fundraiser for the fridges is this weekend.  Thank you for all the hosts and guests attending.
* New Assistant Governor - Sue Avison: As our AG Tony McCombs resigned (personal reasons), Sue who is a member of Rotary Hutt City, has agreed to step into his position and is looking forward to meeting everyone as soon as possible.
* Our Produce Stall: This is happening on our Committee Nights each month- similar to the book sale.  Please bring anything (e.g. fresh garden produce, Jams, cakes, etc.) - ideally, under $5:00.  If yours does not sell, please take it home.
* RYPEN Nominations - closing 5th March:  This is a program for 15 – 17 year old young people of both genders who possess qualities of decency, sincerity, persistence and application which deserves further development.  It is being held on the weekend of 26th -28th March, near Inglewood.  The programme aims are to challenge all participants in situations that develop Confidence, Leadership -and Teamwork - in a unique rural setting.  Please think of possible applicants from your neighbours, family, local school, etc.  We would prefer personal recommendations rather than throwing it open to schools.  Good hunting!  Further information please contact Robin Aitken (0274) 458-197.

* Women in Rotary - Wednesday 10th March at 7am: Rotary Hutt Valley is hosting a fundraising event in combination with Women in Rotary at the Angus Inn.  Speakers via a video will be the Prime Minister, Jacinta Ardern, and Rotary International President 2022-23, Jennifer Jones, ‘A Bold New World’.  Tickets are $15, plus breakfast is at your own cost $18 cooked, or $13 continental.  To register contact: Jo Newlove (021) 427-232.

* Hutt City Council Civic Honours: There are some fantastic volunteers in Lower Hutt and there is a great opportunity for us to acknowledge and celebrate the work that they do in our community.  The nomination form is Here for two categories: 1) Community Services (Civic Honour): recognise outstanding, long-term voluntary community service, 2) Youth Services: recognise outstanding voluntary community service from those aged 15-25.  Nominations close on Friday 12 March at 5pm

* Weetbix TRYathlon: 17th March at 7:15am - contact Jaye Howey if you are keen to volunteer for this event again.  It's great fun!!

* District Governor Candidates: All Presidents have been asked for suitable candidates who are interested in being nominated for the District Governor position for the 2023-2024 Rotary year.  Candidates who may like to be considered by the selection committee, application is required no later than 18 March.  This is a role that needs wide support from across the District and so we give you the opportunity to have input into selecting the appropriate person to lead the District in 2023-24.  The Job Description is attached HERE.

* District 9940 Conference: 
* Walk for Mental Health - Sunday 21st March: Just go to our website HERE and get your friends and family (including yourself) to register for this significant annual event.  If you have any queries, contact Shelley.
* RUCHI Annual Report: If you would like to read this, click HERE. 
* Fiji Cyclone Appeal: A message from Stuart Batty... "Thank you to those clubs who responded to our pre-Christmas Appeal. We didn’t anticipate back to back cyclones striking Fiji within 7 weeks. We need to place orders for replenishment stock in early March to secure delivery. Please support our appeal, but more importantly our Pacific neighbours".  For more detail, click HERE.
* Te Omanga Hospice Bins: Proudly finished!!

* Funds Raised: Sergeant's Session - $126.00

Rostered Duties & Responsibilities:

Please study and plan ahead, especially if you are on duty to write a Bulletin Contribution.  A reminder that it's also your responsibility to find a replacement if you are unable to fulfill your duty.
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