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Last Meeting: Fellow Rotarians from the UK - Norman Andrews (Clay Cross) Pauline Holmes(Dronfield) Marylyn Grasar (Ripley) and Iain Corran (Chesterfield Scarsdale)

Hosted by members of the Wellington Friendship Force Club, 4 Rotarians came from 4 different Derbyshire (U.K.) clubs shared a little about their clubs and projects. Similar to ours, the main challenge being Membership, with the smallest club having 10 members and the largest 28.  Despite this, we were impressed by their obvious energy, enthusiasm, and ability to run large projects.

One of these was a Rotary Lottery with tickets (equivalent of) $1-2 per week, lasting a year.  Each week a computer generated winner is announced and receives 50% of the fund, with the other 50% going into a separate club account, all of which must be spent in the area local to the club.

The same (small) Club runs a Rotary Junior Community Award for Year-6 students - very similar to Duke if Edinburgh Award.  A very well-attended Presentation Ceremony is held at the end of the year, when students receive certificates and medals.

Several clubs raised substantial funds with - Santa Sleighs, major car rallies, Casino nights, Car boot sales and one has a major “Who wants to be a Millionaire” evening.  Plans are in-hand for a major Tug-of-War Day, too!  All are involved with the British Legion collections.

There was widespread support for our Foundation and several clubs supported Scholar and Student Exchange programmes.  All were supporters of Aquabox -similar to our ERKs but including a water filter.  Packed in Chesterfield, Jaye said that during one trip to England, she was privileged to be taken to a very large warehouse on a packing day and watch a team of 10 working hard.

Several clubs had been involved with very successful Global Grants,  but one explained how he had been able to complete a large, cost-free project in Zambia through Rotary contacts, vocational contacts and a good deal of goodwill.  This involved the supply of analgesics and antibiotics to a Mission Hospital in dire need of these and other medical supplies.  Supplies were donated, a very large warehouse made available, transport, both internal and through the airways was free, as were the final loading of trucks and delivery to the hospital several hours travel from the Lusaka.

Our guests stayed behind after the meeting to talk with many of us and was a very good indication of the interest engendered.

Parting Thought:

It is better to learn late than never." ~ Publilius Syrus

Rostered Duties & Responsibilities:

Please study and plan ahead, especially if you are on duty to write a Bulletin Contribution.  A reminder that it's also your responsibility to find a replacement if you are unable to fulfill your duty.
Mar 18, 2019
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General Notices:

* Te Omanga Golf Day - Friday 22nd March:  This is our big fundraising effort for Te Omanga Hospice.  As mentioned by President Pat at our last meeting, we would appreciate your assistance with items for raffle and performance prizes.  These donations do enable us to focus on raising funds for the Hospice, rather than buying items for prizes.  If these could be bought along ON MONDAY please.  Attached HERE is the link organisation team for the event.  Thanks to you all for agreeing to assist in this way.”
* Funds Raised: Sergeants Session/Sunshine Fund - $132.10; Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - $500.00; Rotary Foundation - $25.00; Books - $4.00.

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