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Last Meeting:   Janie Cook from the Cancer Society
Janie Cook, an ambassador for the Cancer Society, spoke about the Society and the work it does. Jamie herself has been involved since two in-laws died of cancer and she was enormously impressed with the help she and they received from the Society.
Founded 80 years ago, originally as a branch of the British Anti-Cancer Society, the New Zealand Society has over 200 staff and 3,500 volunteers. In the Wellington area it has 50 staff, and costs $4-5 million a year to operate.
Cancer is the most common cause of death in New Zealand, 31% of all deaths, but its survivability after diagnosis has improved greatly, and the Society is trying to improve the situation further. It aims to improve general health through anti-smoking campaigns and healthier eating, to reduce cancer’s impact by ensuring the best care and support for the patients and their families, and to assist with information and research.
A direct form of assistance is maintaining Margaret Stewart House, near Wellington Hospital, to accommodate patients and their families during treatment; another is to provide volunteer drivers. For example, one of its projects is to have August as the "Cancer Awareness Month”, finishing up with Daffodil Day (August 30-31).
The Society receives no direct government funding but relies on bequests, donations, projects and street day collections. Janie is asking for our support for the collection, at Countdown High Street 9.00am -  6.00pm on those days, 30 and 31 August.
You can find out more about the Cancer Society by dialling 0800CANCER, or by clicking HERE, and a recent news article about the stacking the odds in your favour is HERE.

Parting Thoughts: offered by Moira Jackson 

What is the essence of life?  To serve others and to do good."  Aristotle
"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth."   Muhammad Ali

Community & Member Activity

Innovative Young Minds 2019
The Innovative Young Minds (IYM) program is run by the Hutt City Council and Hutt City Rotary with some help from other local Rotary Clubs. It provides young women in years 11 and 12 (the old 5th and 6th forms) with exposure beyond the school gates to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Manufacturing - the STEMM subjects. Traditionally these have tended to be male dominated fields but they are now accessible and available to women if they know about them.
Des Darby and I, from Eastern Hutt Rotary, had previously interviewed three Naenae College students, Alaa Loulou, Cindy Zhu and Ilma Aminudeen, all of whom gained places on the course, with our club sponsoring two of them. One of them, Ilma, was in the first cohort and Jaye Howey had the pleasure of hearing her speak on behalf of them all at the Grand Hall of Parliament.
 Ilma Aminudeen at the Grand Hall of Parliament, and Cindy Zhu with Alaa Loulou at the Innovation Dragons Den 
This year the program ran over two weeks and involved eighty students in total.  Each week, 20 of the students were local and 20 were from other parts of New Zealand. I had the privilege of being a volunteer on seven of the ten week days.
Scout Quiz Night
Colin Alford asks us to join in a fun Quiz night at 7:00pm on Sat 17 August to support the Maungaraki Scout Troup in their quest to attend the National and International Scout Jamboree at Mystery Creek Hamilton at the end of December 2019.

It has also been suggested we might like to have an early dinner together beforehand meeting at 5.30pm at Soprano Restaurant, Petone. Please contact Colin Alford.

Bulletin Contribution

Mind the Gap
In a little over one year we will be voting in the next general election, and of equal importance, also in the referendum on Drug Reform that will include the legal status of Cannabis in this country. While thinking about this recently, my thoughts went back to my early days at Medical School and to one of our lecturers involved in research of the synapse. This is the microscopic anatomical gap between two nerves and between the end of a nerve and either a gland or a muscle, and one of the unanswered medical mysteries at that time was how does a nervous impulse jump the gap?

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Aug 12, 2019
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Aug 19, 2019
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Wellington Regional Children's Hospital Street Appeal
Aug 23, 2019
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