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Community & Member Activity
Community & Health Committee report
Over the past 6 months the Community & Health Committee are proud of their collective activities.  Here are some of those we are proud to be involved in:

Bulletin Contribution

What's happening with your RV's
I thought it was timely to give everyone an update on what's happening out there in the market with real estate.  We're coming to the end of another year and the new RV's (rateable value) have been issued for the whole of Lower Hutt.  Upper Hutt came out approx 2 months ago.  So grouping the 2 cities together, here's a market snapshot to clarify what these actually mean to you.

Parting Thought:

"Whether in Singapore, Paris or elsewhere, beware of Greeks bearing gifts." ~ Paddy's recent experience


Pongaroa Library's Recent Acquisitions:
"Mexico's Revenge" - Monty Zuma
"I'm Innocent" - Ivan Alibi
"Crossing the Gobi Desert" - I Rhoda Camel

Rostered Duties & Responsibilities:

Please study and plan ahead, especially if you are on duty to write a Bulletin Contribution.  A reminder that it's also your responsibility to find a replacement if you are unable to fulfill your duty.
Upcoming Events
Casual Meeting
Avalon Pavilion
Dec 16, 2019
5:45 PM – 8:00 PM
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General Notices:

* Raffle Tickets: If you've sold your Christmas Raffle tickets, bring cash along to the next meeting, or preferably make payment is by Internet payment to the EHRC Charitable Trusts bank account number 03-0531-0909707-00, with the lowest & highest ticket numbers as your reference, e.g. 10592-10621.  The completed butts are to be returned to John.
* Christmas Puddings: The cost is $20 per tin and Anne will take orders and payments. Brian Lummis has already ordered 12!
* New Year's Eve Fun: What about joining Gregory De Costa and his friends to see-in the New Year. If you're interested, speak to Gregory.
* Hosting Request: Anne Abbott & Christine Meredith urgently require people to host 3 couples and 4 single Rotarians from North America for a Friendship Exchange, starting on February 2nd - can you help them?
* New Orleans Mardi Gras and all that Jazz: Richard & Chris Perry have been lucky to be selected for a 12-person Rotary Friendship Exchange delegation to New Orleans, starting 16th February 2020. Unfortunately one couple has had to pull out, so the organiser is enquiring whether we know of anyone else who might like to substitute – either a couple, or up to two singles. If anyone has interest, please contact me, or the district co-ordinator, Anneke Rootbeer email:
* Funds Raised: Sergeants Funds - $84.00; Books - $15.00.
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