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Last Meeting: Hutt City's NZ Response Team
With the current coronavirus pandemic, it was very interesting to hear from two of our local volunteer Emergency Response team, Andrzej Kowalczyk (a Police Officer) and Peter Page (a Paramedic)  They told us about how they got interested in the NZ Response Team work and what weekly training they had to do to become qualified in this specialised duty.
They brought along the gear they use, which was very interesting.  It was surprising to hear just what their specialised equipment costs, all of which is funded via their Charitable Trust - perhaps a worthwhile community group for us to support in the future?  There are presently 24 team members and they'd like to increase the numbers to 30. 
To learn more, HERE is a copy of their very interesting presentation.

Parting Thoughts:

"It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark" ~ Howard Ruff

"Every survival kit should include a sense of humour" ~ Unknown


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* Meeting 23rd March: Change is always constant! The trip to Wainuiomata has been postponed and we'll meet as usual Avalon Pavilion.
* Other Coronavirus Cancelled/Postponed Events:
  • Duffy Books presentation
  • Hutt Repertory's production
  • District 9940's Conference
* Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: Colin Alford is coordinating arrangements for dinners on the 28 and/or 29 May. If you’d like to host one, or be invited, contact Colin.
* Underwear for Africa: Ladies, ever thought of recycling your underwear? Take a look at this cause HERE. A shipping container is leaving next month for Africa to help this valuable cause, so Linda & Glenda are collecting both recycled and new bras/panties to send.  Suitcases are also needed to put them in!
* Children's Hospital Raffle: Our District is running this fundraising raffle for the Family/Whanau Rooms.  It's drawn on 30th April and Jan Palmer has tickets available every Monday until it closes.  Anyone who is able to take a book or two to sell to family/friends/work colleagues, would be appreciated.  It's a great cause!
* Funds Raised: Sergeant - $103.90

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