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LAST MEETING: Steve Lawton - An Unexpected Journey
A Sapphire Pin member of the Port Nicholson Rotary Club, Steve spoke of how some friends of his unexpectedly and fatally contracted cancer. With a very low and stable PSA reading he thought it would never happen to him, but then one year a DRI examination found that it had. Without going into details, he did not attempt any healthy lifestyle changes apart from intensifying his enjoyment of hard rock.  
Steve implied that he had enjoyed(?) a successful course of radiation treatment after receiving expert medical advice, and proof of his health has been is very active tramping trips he's enjoyed with Port Nicholson's perambulator group.  Last year he successfully completed the Southern Crossing, the tramp from Otaki Forks to Kaitoke along the skyline visible at the top of the Hutt Valley.
After mentioning his experience at a District Conference and finding many of his friends had had a similar experience, he began to speak to several Rotary Clubs, and was amazed at the number of listeners who later rang him for a chat and for support.  He strongly advised against self-diagnosing via the internet as there are many different types of cancer, and some are particularly aggressive as was his, but to have a thorough annual medical check-up.
Steve then opened the meeting up for members to ask questions and relate their experiences. The resulting forum emphasised the wisdom of seeking a full annual check-up.
Parting Thought: 
"Recently times have been very unpredictable, but believing in our future does not have to be scary and change does not have to be painful.  So, smile at strangers, laugh at yourself, and know that you are free to start over. Tomorrow stand in front of a mirror (I dare you to be naked), smile, think of your favourite happy song and dance or jiggle along to it. It will make you feel free and happy." ~ Annette Ruck

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* Baton Relay - this Sunday 14th March:  We have a wonderful Club opportunity to be part of the centennial baton walk. It not only showcases Rotary to the community, and celebrates 100 years of Rotary in the community, but also an opportunity to have some fun alongside club members from different clubs. Further details are HERE - so who is going to team-up for this not too onerous event - YOU?

Weetbix TRYathlon: 17th March at 7:15am - contact Jaye Howey if you are keen to volunteer for this event again.  It's great fun!!

* Produce Sale: Thanks to everyone who brought along product for sale - this raised $37.00.  Remember, the next one is Monday 12th April, after Easter Monday.

* Polio Update: To learn more, click HERE

* District Governor Candidates: All Presidents have been asked for suitable candidates who are interested in being nominated for the District Governor position for the 2023-2024 Rotary year.  Candidates who may like to be considered by the selection committee, application is required no later than 18 March.  This is a role that needs wide support from across the District and so we give you the opportunity to have input into selecting the appropriate person to lead the District in 2023-24.  The Job Description is attached HERE.

* District 9940 Conference: 
* Walk for Mental Health - Sunday 21st March: Just go to our website HERE and get your friends and family (including yourself) to register for this significant annual event.  If you have any queries, contact Shelley.
* Call to High Service Honours Board: This Board has been donated by Robert Sinclair and the Board protection case donated by Errol Tong. We thank Robert & Errol for their very generous gifts. 
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