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Last Meeting: Alan Mugglestone, of Action Physiotherapy

Alan's theme was "Move well, Feel Good, Enjoy life" (viewble HERE), he explained how people stiffen up as they age. Stretched muscles that take 3-minutes to recover at age 17 but nearly 20 minutes at age 70. Exercise is especially important as we grow older muscles start to weaken after the age of 40, and the body runs out of synaptic fluid. However, arthritis is not inevitable for most people, and can be avoided by regular exercise.

He explained the importance of regular exercise, that only 5% of men over the age of 65 do regular exercise, the complications being inactivity, and how physiotherapy can help mobility.  Complications can include the obvious, such as obesity, but also contraction of joints, falls, constipation and depression.

His definition of exercise means pushing yourself, for cardio-vascular benefit, so simply strolling, while better than nothing, is not very effective. The exercises should be specific and regular, meaning two or three times a week, totalling 150 minutes per week.

Group based exercises such as Pilates, or gym programmes, are helpful, but he also recommended sample home-based exercises such as chair squats, single leg balancing, wall presses and trunk rotation. Ideally everyone should have a physiotherapist prepare a personal programme.

In answering a question, he said physios were not allowed to recommend and herbal or drug medication.

Parting Thought:

" Don't make decisions when you're angry; don't make promises when you are happy either!"  ~ Anon 


Ron was washing his car with his son. His son said, "Dad, can't you please use a sponge?" smiley


Rostered Duties & Responsibilities:

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General Notices:

* District Governor's Visit - Next Monday: As his evening is to include partners and guests, if you are bringing someone, it's very important to notify Tony and David Thompson, by Sunday evening at the latest.
* Train to End Polio: Thursday 24th October - Richard Perry advised there 9 so far going to Masterton and if you like to know the various options, get in touch with him.
* Hutt City Seniors Games: Tuesday 1st October - These will be held at the Events Centre and the Dowse Gallery for senior citizens and they would appreciate the help of volunteers.  It's to assist some of the contestants who may need assistance with crossing the road between events and climbing steps, as some of the contestants will come from retirement homes. The organisers would also welcome any Rotary members who want to compete in such activities as bowls, quoits or chess. David Gledhill has further details at Monday night.
* Christmas Function - proposed date: This is Monday 9th December.  If you already know, or think, you will be away on that date, please advise President Rob and Ron Hunter now. 
* Funds Raised: Sergeants - $117.70
* Guess Who? 
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