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LAST MEETING: Rachel - Wellington Free Ambulance
Rachel, from Wellington Free Ambulance gave a most informative and interesting presentation on the finer points of CPR and the use of a defibrillator.
It was advertised as "a short CPR demonstration by St John Ambulance". It turned into an enthralling 60 minute lesson by Rachel, an inspirational Wellington Free Ambulance officer.
Most of us had seen CPR and defibrillator sessions before, but all of us learned more, much more, this time. A brief summary of the session is given below.  Because of the importance of the subject matter there is no deliberate mistake in the content material, although there may be a spelling error.
A heart attack is a plumbing problem. Cardiac arrest is an electrical problem. Both can be fatal. Cardiac arrest is unlikely to be cured by CPR alone. Both demand immediate attention.
Danger - is there any danger involved, e.g. electrocution, road accident, fire?
Response - is the patient sleeping, in a coma?
Send for help - do this first and in any way you can as you will not be able to help cardiac arrest by yourself. You  may have to phone 111. (forgot your phone? use the patient's phone); shout for help; if in a house ensure the front door is not locked.
When you phone for an ambulance be precise about your location. The 111 receptionist will tell you where the nearest defibrillator is.
Airways - tilt the patient's head back if necessary. (One cannot swallow one's tongue!) Are airways clear? Mouth to mouth is no longer recommended in most circumstances.
Breathing - is the patient breathing efficiently? If not, CPR is necessery.
CPR - Patient should be on their back on a firm flat surface, head tilted slightly back. Kneel alongside the patient. Run a hand from armpit to centre of chest. Place heel of one hand on that spot, other hand on top. Lean over and  lock elbows into body and start pressing down hard to rhythm of "Staying Alive"  (a Bee Gee's song). 
Keep going in two-minute cycles until help arrives. If it is impossible to kneel next to the patient you could use your feet.
If you hear bones breaking do not worry - they will not cause anything worse than discomfort as long as you are pumping, blood, and oxygen, is reaching the brain.
To quickly find the locations of AED's Rachel suggests downloading the  "AEDlocationsNZ" App to your phone. Don't forget to ring 111 first and you will be given a PIN for opening the nearest AED box.
Oct 18, 2021
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Oct 25, 2021
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Nov 08, 2021
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* - Last Week's Bulletin "Mistake"David Gledhill will announce last week's winner of finding the mistake in the bulletin on Monday, 11th Oct.

* Snoods  Jan and her team of helpers are knitting snoods to raise money for Bowel Cancer NZ’s “Early Detection Saves Lives”  campaign.
The snoods come in a variety of colours and would make great Christmas presents!
Jan is offering them to the club at $30 with $20 going to BCNZ and $10 to our club. Photos of Jan “modelling” one is below.
If you or your family and friends would like one please contact Jan on 0274 453740 or email her on  She will also have them available for sale at next month’s committee night.
* Face Masks - Contact Christine Meredith if you would like to purchase some face masks.
* Collection for the Blind - Friday October 22nd. If  you have time and able to help, please contact Christine Meredith.
* Fresh Garden Produce Sale - Who doesn't love fresh produce from the garden? Now that Spring is upon us and our gardens will soon be overflowing with produce, please don't forget to bring some along to sell on committee nights.
* RYLA Applicants Sought - We are seeking suitable candidates aged 18 to 24 for the 2022 RYLA course, to be held at Silverstream from 26 - 30 January 2022 - SEE WEBSITE HERE
* Visit to Wanaka - We have decided to wait until the second week in February 2021 for our visit to Wanaka. If you are still interested in going and have not yet registered, please contact President Anne Abbott.
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