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LAST MEETING: Heather Verry - Diabetes New Zealand
Diabetes is known to affect 250,000 New Zealanders, and it is estimated there are another 100,000 affected but undiagnosed. This is an issue that affects us all, either directly or indirectly.
Heather Verry, CEO of Diabetes New Zealand, gave us a clear exposition of the situation. A Rotarian for 20 years before joining Diabetes NZ in 2017 Heather held leadership positions in the Police Association, the Mansfield Trust and Victim Support.
The aims of Diabetes NZ are to increase awareness of the condition and advocate for its sufferers. It is a combination of all the provincial diabetes associations except, at this stage, Wellington and Canterbury. Its ambition is for a "Life free of Diabetes and all its consequences and burdens".
There are two principal l types of diabetes:
Type 1, affecting 10% of sufferers, is an auto-immune condition which can be contracted at any age from 6 months on. Sufferers of this type must have insulin, sometimes up to 15 times a day. There is no "cure".
Type 2, 900%, is a metabolic condition, often marked by a gradual onset as the pancreas loses its function resulting in an excess of sugar content in the blood. Often a change of diet and a healthy lifestyle can control it. The condition is more prevalent among Maori and Polynesian: one in three Maori over 45 suffer from it.
Untreated or uncontrolled diabetes can lead to complications such as strokes, kidney failure and amputation of a limb. The financial cost to the country, quite apart from the human cost in suffering, is estimated at $2.1 billion p.a. Type 2 is becoming more common, especially among Polynesian, Asian and Maori and numbers are projected to rise 90% in the next 20 years. There are already 400 amputations a year.
Diabetes New Zealand
  • advocates with Pharmac for more medication
  • helps to diagnose pre-condition and encourage early treatment
  • advocates foot-screening as a means of early diagnosis
  • advocates the need for more nutritionists and dieticians
  • tries to work with primary schools, health coaches and personal trainers to increase awareness. 
An effective programme for these activities costs $3.5million, but the government contributes only $250,000 p.a.!
Answers to questions included the following information:
  • Most commercial orange juice contains as much sugar as coke
  • KFC type meals should not be consumed more than once a week
  • A balanced diet is critical
  • There is no evidence the keto diet is especially beneficial
  • There is a link between excessive weight, bad cholesterol and diabetes 
  • Plenty of healthy exercise is vital, but most people, especially the young, are not as active as in the past.
If you would like to view Heather's presentation, click HERE:
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