Bill Boyd has provided us with some Rotary news about covid and India.
Rotary is strong in India in every way, membership, financially and in its relationship with State and National governments in its service. When the challenge of covid became apparent, there was a Rotary India’s Covid Task Force established and there have been many vaccination camps set up by Rotary clubs and Districts.
On Thursday October 21, the total number of vaccine doses given in India achieved one billion. It took 19 days to go from 900 million to one billion. The vaccine required is manufactured in Pune and Hyderabad.
On that day the figures were that 75% of the population had received at least one dose and 31% were fully vaccinated. The estimate is that 12.2 million doses must be administered on average each day to achieve the goal of having all adults fully vaccinated by December 31.
Rotary clubs and Districts are being encouraged to keep establishing the vaccination camps and to play their part in achieving the goal. Polio was eventually eradicated in India by focussed Rotary campaigns and now they are challenging covid!