May – August update
A rotary volunteer helping students check the tyre tread depth
It has been another rather interesting second half of the year with Orange light settings and Omicron disruptions to our programme days. 
Schools around the country have had fluctuating numbers and often they could only confirm actual numbers the day before attending RYDA.  It was great to see their commitment to our workshops in these trying times.
Despite this we managed to put 5,555 students through our RYDA programme for this last financial year (30 June).  We were delighted with these numbers considering all the rescheduled workshop days. This has meant a really busy few months in the middle of the year with 47 workshops up and down the country between May and June.
Our Programme Coordinators are currently busy booking in schools for 2023 and have had a wonderful response so far.  To date we have 7,170 students booked and we aim to get 18,000 booked in with expected attendance hopefully being 13,000 by end of June next year - if we have no further disruptions!
Covid and Rotary involvement
We know your Rotary Clubs have also found this year rather difficult, and each club assessed their own risks regarding volunteering in such a volatile environment as their region peaked with illness.  The introduction of the flu also kept club members safely at home. 
This year has highlighted how much we really appreciate the Rotarian help each programme day, from putting up banners, handing out bands and books, guiding the students around the sessions, and all the other incidental, but important jobs that get done behind the scenes.  We have missed you (and your friendly faces) and look forward to safe, healthy days once again.  Big thanks to those of you that have been in a position to help us over the past couple of months despite the challenges. 
Thanks to these Rotary Clubs who helped us over May-August:
Rotary Club of Henderson
Rotary Club of Papakura
Rotary club of Manurewa/Takanini
Rotary Club of Waiuku
Rotary Club of Pukekohe
Rotary Clubs of Whangarei 
Rotary Clubs of Palmerston North
Rotary Club of Ahuriri
Rotary Club of Taupō
Rotary club of Tauranga te papa
Rotary Club of Papamoa
Rotary Club of Tauranga
Rotary Club of Mount Maunganui
Rotary Club of Tauranga Sunrise
Rotary Club of Katitkati
Rotary Club of Gisborne
Rotary Club of Wairoa
Rotary Club of Ashburton
Rotary Club of Dargaville
Rotary Club Of Blenheim
Rotary Club of Blenheim South 
Rotary Club Of Timaru North
Rotary Club of Nelson
Rotary Club of Richmond
Rotary Club of Lincoln
Rotary Club of Temuka and Geraldine
New Horizons Rotary Club
Rotary Club of Eastern Hutt
Rotary Club of Waipukurau
Rotary Club of Belfast and Kaiapoi 
Rotary Club of Invercargill South
Rotary Club of Invercargill Sunrise
Rotary Club of Wanaka
Rotary Club of Dunedin Central
Rotary Club of Levin
Rotary Club of Otaki
Rotary Club of Otamatea
Feedback from Students Who Have Attended RYDA
Speed & Stopping:  Having a demonstration was very effective and it was eye-opening to see how a little bit more speed can result in a much higher stopping distance. It showed how important it was to keep your distance from other cars and to drive at or below the speed limit.  Nelson College
Crash InvestigatorsI heard Mitch's crash story and it made me more mindful (sic) of getting into a car with a friend when you feel that you shouldn't. Craighead Diocesan School
Road Choices:  I learnt about how fatigue affects your driving, how distractions like talking on the phone takes almost 40% of your mental resources you use for driving, as well as demerits and that learners are the safest drivers.  Horowhenua College
Drive SOS:  The lady taught us the different hazards along the road and I feel like I can use these skills in the real world. For example she showed us hazards that can occur on the road including pedestrians, elderly and some people that are pulling out of car parks. I personally feel like I have learnt a lot from this workshop this has improved my safety in the car and on the road.  This is definitely something that I can share on to my friends and family.  Mount Maunganui College
The “I” in Drive:  I liked this one because it gave me an insight into how my personality affects my driving.  Lincoln High School
Mind Matters:  It was interesting to learn about how your attitude and overall mood can effect (sic) your driving. I never knew that music that you listened to effects (sic) your mind state and driving. It made me think about what attitude I should have toward driving and what I can do to avoid my emotions getting in the way of safe driving.  Mt Maunganui College
Any club members interested in assisting with RYDA next year please contact Jan Palmer