Brian has been a member of Eastern Hutt Rotary since February 2018.  Prior to that he was a member and Past President of Courtney Place Rotary, from 1997.  So Brian has committed a huge amount of time and energy over 26 years of being a Rotarian.  His relentless efforts attempting to get the Satellite Club group up and running was greatly appreciated - a lot of challenging work with all sorts of barriers, not the least the Covid lockdowns.  His contribution while at Eastern Hutt has included all things focused on our Club's image, i.e. the Website, weekly Bulletin, Club Duties, and so much more.  Brian's contribution to this Club has been immense and very much appreciated by us all.  It is with great pleasure that I present this certificate and congratulate you on the position of Honorary Member of Eastern Hutt Rotary Club.  Huge congratulations to you Brian.