Posted by Brian Klee on Jun 20, 2022
Membership Report to the Club Forum – 20th June 2022
First and foremost, we are delighted to have Eve Boa join us recently, having transferred from the Rotary Club of Levin.  It’s also very pleasing to witness the way a few of our members have gone out of their way to make her feel welcomed – thank you, it’s a collective duty.
We found a champion to lead the establishment of a Satellite Club, i.e. Vanessa Koening.  She introduced herself to the potential candidates.  It’s my vision that having a young and enthusiastic group actively working with us is the way forward.  As we all age, we cannot do some of the activities we once did, but we can help them with those causes their generation are passionate about.  With an average age over 70, this is how Eastern Hutt Rotary will survive longer – let’s ‘pass the baton’ and let them lead the way into the future.
BUT we still need more members, especially those who are actively employed, aged between 50 -65, and who have the time for our weekly meetings.  Unlike two thirds of us today, they have the networks to identify new potential members.  A proposed Membership Evening will help.  Meantime, when was the last time you introduced a new member?  Gaining potential members has not been easy during the Covid disruption.  It is proposed to seek approval from the Board to hold a specific membership night based on the “Yass Membership Model”.
Finally, ClubRunner is our comprehensive communication and social media medium tool, heralding to the public our Club’s activities – and to attract new members!  We are especially grateful for our Club Sponsors that are effectively funding ClubRunner and our website – a win/win result.