Posted by Kathy Bryant on Jan 12, 2023
Happy New Year everyone and welcome back to another year of Rotary.  I hope all of you have managed to have some time to relax over the last few weeks and that you have managed to catch some sunshine despite the not so good weather a lot of the country has experienced.
It is a bit of a slow start into the year, having an informal meeting on 16 January and then a week off (Wellington Anniversary Day), a committee meeting on 30 January and then another week off with Waitangi Day.
We have a few things to look forward to:
  • 24 February: Te Omanga Golf Tournament
  • 26 March: Walk for Mental Health
  • March: Fashion Show
I will prepare a full report on the Christmas raffle once I have confirmed all the figures with Tony.  The winner has got in touch this week (he had been away and only just got the messages).  He is going to arrange to get the 1st prize from Mike hopefully sometime this weekend.  A big thank you to Mike Fackney for storing the trailer and contents in his garage.
It was a delight to see the article in Stuff today about Colin and Aileen Fenton.  A huge congratulations from all of us on your 70th wedding anniversary.  A wonderful milestone.  Also, Colin 32 years in Rotary on 18 January.  Congratulations on an incredible feat!
Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday night.