Posted by Russell Good on Nov 10, 2017
We again provided collectors for this year's Parkinson's Awareness Week on 3rd and 4th of November at Queensgate, Lower Hutt.  As the organiser, I want to thank the following....
First and foremost, everyone who financially supported this year's collection.
In addition, I want to thank: Marion Good, Jennifer Jeffery, Judy Dearsley, Brian Klee, Richard Perry, Robin Fenwick, Paddy Wells, David Gledhill, Pat Heffernan, Helen Thomas, Kathy Bryant, Annette Ruck James & Robyn Wheeler, Colin Alford, Tony & Jenny Cornelius, Chalet Caterers (Brian Lummis) for delivery and use of their table and chairs and of course Queensgate Management for use of their space.
The results from our collection point raised $761.10, which is $63.43 per hour!