Posted by Desmond Darby on Oct 30, 2017
Thanks received from Diane Livingston, Wellington Free Ambulance, for Eastern Hutt's joint financial contribution towards their new vehicle, "Ambulance 432".
Wellington Free Ambulance has thanked us again with this report on the deployment of their new vehicle "Ambulance 432". (If you can’t quite read the certificate shown above, you may expand it on your screen with the wheel on your computer mouse, or by pressing ctrl+ as many times as necessary.)
We helped to fund this vehicle last February together with the Rotary Clubs of Port Nicholson, Wellington, and Wellington North, and the support of a Rotary District Grant.
Not only do we now have another ambulance driving around the region helping people, but it is one carrying Rotary’s logo. This illustrates when Rotary groups together, we can achieve community benefits that not one body could do alone.
Moreover, putting the Rotary brand on community benefits, rather than on fund-raising activities, can give non-Rotarians a better idea of why we exist.