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Dave Comparini - Rotarian Funeral Notice:

The Ministry of Health [MOH] has approved Croft Funeral Home’s application for a total of up to 50 people to attend in person.  For those that do feel able to attend there is a form to be completed and there will be social distancing etc., protocols to be followed.

Please advise the Secretary David Thompson no later than Sunday evening if you and/or your spouse or partner wish to attend in person.

As there is a cap on numbers attending in person, some and others unable to attend will have the ability to view proceedings by video HERE.

The service will be taken by Glenda Barratt.  In addition, the family requiem service will be held the next day.


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Community & Member Activity
Tribute to Dave Comparini
“Service Above Self” - the Rotary International motto is epitomized by Past President Dave Comparini.
Dave joined the Rotary Club of Eastern Hutt in September 1998. His background was in Construction Management having started his working life as a carpenter in Nelson.

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The Positives of My Covid-19 Lockdown
Over the past few weeks, here are some positives I have enjoyed during the past few weeks of the Lockdown:

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General Notices:

* Member's Messages: 
From Michael: “No one enjoys getting a diagnosis of cancer, which in my case is advanced prostate cancer. I can report however that I have completed both the initial hormone treatment and more recently during the lockdown the radiation treatment and the results have been beneficial with reduction in pain levels around the hip area. My mobility is reduced but I still manage a walk around the block most days aided by one crutch. Scans show no spread of cancer beyond nearby bones and I remain positive about my outlook. In particular I am planning a good celebration of my 80th birthday in July 2021." 
* Cyclone Harold:  Dave Wilson has recommended that any donations to help replenish ERK’s by our Club Members should be through our Club Treasurer.
* Children's Hospital Raffle: Our District is running this fundraising raffle for the Family/Whanau Rooms.  This will now be drawn on 30th June and Jan Palmer has tickets available until it closes.  Anyone who is able to take a book or two to sell to family/friends/work colleagues, would be appreciated.  It's a great cause!

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