Posted by Michael Battah on Apr 09, 2018
RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) is a 5-day intensive youth leadership program. Across the 5 days, we took part in a number of seminars and activities.  Some of the more memorable ones include:
  • Tetramap - this is a personality profiling system that helps people navigate the everyday challenges facing people as individuals and within teams.  Tetramap offers a set of tools to help people accelerate positive change through understanding different personality types better.
  • We had a session at parliament hosted by Chris Bishop, along with Ginny Anderson and Chloe Swarbrick, shared their insights as young MPs.
  • We took part in a fundraising exercise as part of a team building activity called "The Apprentice" raising funds for the emergency response kits. In the 2 hours time, we managed to raise $1200, or enough for two ERK's.
  • The final activity for the program was the Rylatholon, where each team had to build and race a raft at Days Bay.
Some takeaways from RYLA:
  1. How to work better in a group environment, helpful for me as I am studying Engineering which requires leadership and teamwork
  2. Secondly, the friends I made from across the District.
Thank you Eastern Hutt Rotary, President Richard, and especially Kathy Bryant for giving me this amazing opportunity to attend this leadership course.