Marilyn joined the Rotary Club of Hutt Valley in 1993 and is now a member of Kapiti Rotary.  She has experience in managing several businesses and is presently a member of the Otaki Community Board and a business mentor.  Marilyn quoted World Rotary President Jennifer Jones  "Imagine the possibility of changing the world." and emphasised the need to engage all our members by giving them some personal responsibility.
Marilyn would like to see each District form two new clubs.  She has recently attended a workshop on increasing membership and said the key was to establish what each community really needs and then to see how the club can help.  She offered this palindrome as a key.
R elevant  
O pportunities 
T raining
A gile leaders 
R eal community impact 
Y outh focussed
Marilyn suggested we could have a youth representative on our Board, and then asked for questions and comments.  Jaye emphasised the difficulty in gaining publicity.   Brian suggested we should work closely with the local council, Annette saw the need for a major, combined project such as the successful Rotary River Trail, David T felt the club needed to be multi-directional and John C pointed out that these days our ability to provide financial support is minimal compared to the corporate world.